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Nationwide, state budget cuts disproportionately hit low-income, minority college students

States are disproportionately subsidizing schools whose students are wealthier, whiter

Cuomo Proposes Free Tuition at New York State Colleges for Eligible Students

The governor will unveil a plan to offer free tuition at some colleges, including two-year community colleges, to those students whose families earn $125,000 or less annually.

Leveraging Community Colleges in Workforce

A new policy brief from the Education Commission of the States, authored by ACCT's policy analysts.

Virginia Foxx weighs in on the GOP's higher education priorities

The likely next chair of the U.S. House education committee weighs in on GOP higher education priorities a week after Republicans captured the White House and retained both chambers of Congress.

What’s Next for Higher Ed Under the New Congress and Administration

While the results of last week’s elections may have caught some off guard, the question now on many minds is “what’s next?” Who will be our federal education policy leaders in 2017, and what will be the priorities of the new Administration?
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