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Navigating Recovery: Community College Enrollment Trends and Challenges

Explore the latest trends in community college enrollment recovery post-pandemic, including challenges with FAFSA implementation and the role our institutions play in supporting students amidst ongoing uncertainties.

Community Colleges as a Mechanism for Economic Mobility and Talent Pipeline for the Public Sector Workforce

A growing number of government officials are taking action to close labor market gaps by tearing the paper ceiling– removing four-year degree requirements for roles in the public sector. Community colleges have a uniquely powerful role to play in helping STARs achieve economic mobility.

Meeting the Workforce Needs of Today & Tomorrow: Current Efforts & Federal Opportunities

While the nation is grappling with workforce shortages due to retiring baby boomers and technological advancements, community colleges are offering short-term programs to address demand. Yet, federal investment, such as Workforce Pell, is essential for broad access and success in filling critical fields.
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