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Meeting the Workforce Needs of Today & Tomorrow: Current Efforts & Federal Opportunities

While the nation is grappling with workforce shortages due to retiring baby boomers and technological advancements, community colleges are offering short-term programs to address demand. Yet, federal investment, such as Workforce Pell, is essential for broad access and success in filling critical fields.

A Status Update on Short-term/Workforce Pell

A recap of the latest developments in the efforts to authorize workforce pell grants for eligible students who enroll in short-term workforce programs that meet certain criteria.

In the AI era, labor union-community college partnerships are a win-win

The AI era requires a new generation of partnerships between community colleges and labor unions to upskill and reskill millions of adults.

Fiscal Year Crossover: President Biden’s FY 2025 Budget Unveiled as Congress Continues to Negotiate FY 2024 Appropriations

Going over the current status of the fiscal year 2024 process and reviewing the President's fiscal year 2025 budget request.
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