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Community Colleges as a Mechanism for Economic Mobility and Talent Pipeline for the Public Sector Workforce

A growing number of government officials are taking action to close labor market gaps by tearing the paper ceiling– removing four-year degree requirements for roles in the public sector. Community colleges have a uniquely powerful role to play in helping STARs achieve economic mobility.

4 things to know about how students view community college AI education

As AI education expands at community colleges, student voices matter in responding to building quality workforce programs. New America documents the experiences and perceptions of the first crop of students in community college AI programs.

In the AI era, labor union-community college partnerships are a win-win

The AI era requires a new generation of partnerships between community colleges and labor unions to upskill and reskill millions of adults.

The new kids on campus? Toddlers, courtesy of Head Start

And not just toddlers — infants and preschoolers too. A new effort aims to help the 4 million college students raising kids by putting Head Start programs on community college campuses.

Skills-Based Hiring: Creating Pathways for STARs in Maryland

In 2023, the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) launched a partnership pilot program that focuses on increasing the effectiveness of skills-based hiring. Skills-based hiring takes an equitable and data-driven approach to how employers think about recruitment. ACCT's pilot program in the State of Maryland will lead to a comprehensive framework on how other states and organizations can make skills-based hiring go from pre-announcement to implementation.
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