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Building a New Partnership for Community Colleges: The Desire to Partner with Head Start Programs

Community colleges understand that students, especially student parents, have unique needs to thrive. Access to affordable childcare is a well-known barrier faced by student parents. The Kids on Campus Initiative helps explore on-campus partnerships between Community Colleges and Head Start programs to support student parents on-campus.

Companies can drop degree requirements, but they don't know how to hire without them

If businesses really want to be inclusive, they'll need to change more than a diploma requirement.

Partnership aims to bring Head Start to community colleges

A new partnership aims to bring Head Start programs to community college campuses in hopes of better serving students with children.

Navigating the 4th Round of SCCTG

Highlighting the potential of the Strengthening Community College Training Grants (SCCTG) initiative, explore its evolution, impact, and the upcoming fourth round of funding. Uncover how colleges can capitalizing on this opportunity to bolster workforce development and education pathways.

Higher Ed Programs in Peril: A Closer Look at FY 2024 Appropriations

As the landscape of the FY 2024 appropriations cycle becomes clearer, one thing is certain: budget cuts are looming. With education programs in jeopardy and over 60 programs facing elimination, concerns are mounting. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at the potential impact of these cuts on higher education.

Workforce Pell in the 118th Congress

With momentum building, where does Workforce Pell stand amidst the divided Congress?
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